Technology and us


We Learn

Beginning with a sound albeit dated knowledge of electronics, software and User Interface design we re-learn and improve our knowledge in the fundamentals of electronics (ADC/DAC/Regulators/Discretes etc) and the new age of micro-controller and mobile App software languages.

We Build

Carefully planning a detailed mobile phone User Interface we integrate this with both hardware and embedded software designs to form our products.

We Deliver

The first product that we are producing is the BenchBudEE App: a mobile phone App which seeks to provide a more interactive experience between a micro-controller and a Bluetooth Central device.



We Learn We work

BenchBudEE Hardware, the BenchBudEE App and RSS Reader. The first three projects from RIM21TECH.



A Little more About us

This is a small business venture where we aim to produce hardware and integrated/embedded software to assist with learning electronics and solving small world problems.


Nathan Rima

A non-engineer technology enthusiast.

I understand electrical, electronics and avionics, I use test equipment like oscilloscopes, multimeters, bench power supplies etc and can build up PCBs with SMD and through hole components. I can program, poorly, front end web elements, Arduino micro controllers, and mobile apps.

My educational pursuits have resulted in my possession of trade qualifications (para-professional) in electrical/electronics and avionics, a degree in IT and Systems from Monash University and a Post Grad qualification in Project Management from the University of Technology, Sydney. Funnily enough these higher educational pursuits came much later in my career (15+ years in the workforce) – a non-typical path to education.

Unknown Team Member

This team member is wishing to remain anonymous at this time. Having said that the team member possesses skills in business administration, business analysis and technical documentation.